Registration Information

Updated Thursday January 24, 2019 by Sunset Little League.

Sign your son or daughter up to play Sunset Little League Baseball by February 2! Register online by logging in or creating an account here:


You can bring in any paperwork to the Minor and Major Try-Outs on January 26 or February 2 at 10 AM at Belmont Field (6453 Belmont Pl.). Every player must be present for at least one try-out in order to play on Minor or Major teams. T-Ball and Farm players do not need to tryout. 


Please complete the following forms to properly register:

  1. Player Registration Form
  2. SLL Media Release Form
  3. Medical Release Form
  4. Parent Code of Conduct
  5. Terms and Conditions
  6. Volunteer App or Returning Volunteer App (if applicable)
  7. School Enrollment Form -OR- Three (3) copies of acceptable proofs of residency
  8. Child’s original birth certificate


Sunset Little League // Proofs of Residency

  1. Bring School Enrollment Form – OR- one document copy from each of the 3 groups outlined below;
  2. Bring your child’s original Birth Certificate;
  3. If your child is playing in the major or minor division, keep your original proofs in a safe place.  Originals will be required for tournament play, copies are not  accepted.
  4. Proofs must be dated from February 2018-January 2019.

**If your child played in TOC’s or All-Stars last year, no proofs are needed at registration**

If you do not use the School Enrollment Form to Sign-Up, Sunset Little League will accept 3 forms of proof of Residency (one from each of the following groups):






Driver’s License

Welfare/Child Care Records

Voter’s Registration

School Records

Federal Records (Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.)

Utility Bills (i.e. gas, electric, water/ sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal, etc.)

Vehicle Records

(i.e. registration, lease, etc.)

State Records

Local (municipal) Records

Financial Records (i.e. loan, credit, investments, etc.)

Employment Records

Support Payment Records

Insurance Documents

Homeowner or Tenant Records

Medical Records

Military Records

Internet, Cable, or Satellite Records




19.Sunset.Player Registration Packet.pdf